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CHRISTINA AGUILERA REVEALS NEWBORN’S NAME: Christina Aguilera took to Twitter on Sunday (August 17th) to officially announce the birth of her daughter to her fans and to reveal the newborn’s name. She wrote, “So proud to welcome our beautiful daughter Summer Rain Rutler into the world.” The pop star also has a six-year-old son named Max with ex, Jordan Bratman.

CHRIS PRATT’S TWIST ON THE ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE: Chris Pratt accepted his call to action to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge over the weekend but with a slight twist. Rather than dumping cold water on himself, he chugged a small bottle of Blue Ice vodka and then a Smirnoff Ice. The video ends with Chris’ wife, Anna Farris, and a friend dumping water on him anyway. He challenges his former co-stars Everwood’s Gregory Smith, Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman, and Guardian of the Galaxy’s Dave Bautista.

ROB SCHNEIDER BLAMES PARKINSON’S MEDS FOR ROBIN WILLIAMS’ DEATH: Rob Schneider posted a few messages on Twitter last week to express his opinion that Robin Williams’ Parkinson’s medication contributed to his death. Rob wrote on Thursday (August 14th,) “Now that we can talk about it. #RobinWilliams was on a drug treating the symptoms of Parkinson’s. One of the SIDE-EFFECTS IS SUICIDE! The Evil pharmaceutical industry ADMITS TO OVER 100,000 people in the USA DIE A YEAR FROM “PRESCRIPTION” DRUGS!! #RobinWilliams” He continued his anti-pharma crusade on Sunday (August 17th) by writing, “Check out all the Big Pharma Trolls climbing out from under the sludge! See how ugly they are!” He then claimed to be done writing about Robin by posting, “We are only allowed to mourn for 7 days so… Just thank and hug the ones you love and who have touched your lives! Thx4ever #RobinWilliams”

‘LAGUNA BEACH’ REUNION AT WEDDING IN OJAI, CALIFORNIA: It was a partial Laguna Beach reunion over the weekend at the wedding of Maura McManus in Ojai, California. Lauren Conrad served as a bridesmaid in the ceremony. Other guests included Lo Bosworth as well as Stephen Colletti and Dieter Schmitz.

JOE JONAS CELEBRATES 25TH BIRTHDAY: Joe Jonas celebrated his 25th birthday over the weekend by partying in Las Vegas with his brother Nick. The former Disney star sat on stage at Beacher’s Madhouse at the MGM Grand where he was given a lap dance by a little person named Little Spinner and watched a performance by mini Miley Cyrus. The club also held a mini Jonas Brothers concert.